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  • Musician Looking For:12/21/2014
  • Pia_Corda@yahoo.com
  • I am looking for other teen boys and girls to be part of my band! I am a singer and songwriter,I have been writing my own lyrics for as long as I can remember! & at the moment I am teaching myself the piano. I would love to have both boys & girls(ages from 16 to 19 Please!) & if there is any female electric guitarists,around that age,then please contact me! If anyone is interested please feel free to contact me! =) My email Pia_corda@yahoo.com

  • Musician Looking For:12/14/2014
  • band
  • kwright2345@gmail.com
  • I need a band who needs a professional rock metal death metal vocalist I can sing any genre please help I'm process of making an album I got name which is crash the cycle please help I'm from Middletown ct I can sing and scream fanaminaly I promise you won't regret it I've been singing since 10 I'm 24 I have what a band needs to make it I also write my influences are red chevelle breaking Benjamin etc contact 'me 860 538 1207

  • Musician Looking For:11/30/2014
  • Multi Instrumentalist looking to form band
  • kito_2010@live.com
  • Hey there music snobs , weirdos and blobs, I am Francisco, aka discourse of the universe. For this year I been a one man band so to speak making alternative rock instrumentals, and occasionally streaming into other genres. I would like to form a band with like minded individuals who -knows when to play and work -between the ages of 17-30 -likes sonic youth, the pixies, anything from new order, weezer, green day, nirvana, the Beatles post 1966, iron maiden, early Metallica, Silversun pickups etc -any gender or orientation -has to be a weirdo(without the negative trade off) -and live within 20 miles of Bridgeport Connecticut My goal is to meld my style of play with other styles, and when we can be a cohesive garage band, to preform at gigs. I need people who won't flake, who's willing to risk everything for the sake of music . I want a family . So if your what I'm looking for message me right away. Or call me . If you like to see my work go to dotu.bandcamp.com and try to listen to everything . Take care .

  • Musician Looking For:11/18/2014
  • Looking for a band
  • hannahmueller30@yahoo.com
  • Looking for a band in the Hamilton, Ohio area. I am a guitarist. I self-taught for three years and I am now taking lessons with Mike Gross. I am a quick learner. I cover classic rock and that's usually about it. I know Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi, Let It Be by The Beatles, I Remember You (acoustic) by Skid Row, and a few other songs. I am constantly learning something new.

  • Musician Looking For:11/6/2014
  • 19 y/o Female Vocalist looking to be in a SERIOUS band.
  • iadoreparamore@yahoo.com
  • I'm 19 years old and i'm from New London County, CT. I've chickened out for way too long and decided it's about time to finally look into doing something like this. I am HIGHLY influenced by Paramore, and feel as if I have a similar voice to Hayley's. I take vocal lessons and have a lot of HS Choral experience. I like music along the lines of Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots.. etc. I don't play any instruments, but i treat my voice as if it is one. I really am only interested in serious band inquiries with people close to my age. If you want to hear anything please email me and let me know! Thank you!

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